2017 Shelby Co. Cattlemen Banquet

Kevin Goshorn, Cattlemen vice president reflecting on the moneys they give back to the community.


         We are going to give out 25 -- $1,000 Academic scholarships this year. This is something we are very proud of as an organization. The key to this is those of you in the crowd that support the scholarship auction both by purchasing items and donating them for the auction.

    Here’s an overview of the last 7 years Academic and Heifer Scholarship programs. We’ve given 170 $1,000 academic scholarships, awarded 19 heifer scholarships in the amount of $28,650 and interest free loans in the amount of $114,600.

    That’s a total of $313,250 in scholarships and interest free loans given back to the youth of our communities. That’s a very impressive number and thank you all!

    So, on behalf of the Shelby County Cattlemen’s Association, we are now going to recognize our 2017 Academic Scholarship winners. Please come forward when I announce your name and would the students parents please stand up.



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