HCS School Board “finished” with Trickel

There will be no more responses to your questions, Larry. We are responding to you today and this is the last time. You are costing this district more time and money. No answer this board provides you will ever satisfy you and we are finished. Everyone’s time and patience on this matter is very appreciated. -- HCS Board President Amy Rueschenberg

    HARLAN – The Harlan Community School Board had what could be its final interaction with Harlan resident Larry Trickel Monday evening, March 4, answering numerous questions Trickel had presented to the board and board legal counsel (sometimes directly) over the last few months regarding the investigation of HCS Superintendent of Schools Justin Wagner, before announcing it was done spending any more time on Trickel’s escapades.
    It was an evening where Trickel again spoke before the board at its regular meeting, as did Harlan resident Bob Mahoney (see corresponding news report).
    The board is in the fourth month of an investigation into Wagner.  An independent investigator has been looking into concerns raised about Wagner including, but not limited to, allegations of sexual orientation discrimination, medical privacy intrusion, financial and leave issues and a general “toxic” workplace for some staff.
    There were approximately 35 teachers in attendance Monday to once again show their support of the board and its conducting of this investigation.
    The investigation could be nearing its end, as it was reported Monday that the independent investigator costs for attorney Rick Franck were $18,282.68.  There has been no action taken, although there was a 5 1/2 hour closed session meeting held in early February.

    Anderson, Rueschenberg read statements
saying they’ll always do what’s best and right for this school district, and they’re confident they’ve conducted themselves appropriately and in good faith.
    Meanwhile HCS Superintendent of Schools
Justin Wagner has not addressed speakers or the public at any meeting regarding the allegations against him or the ongoing investigation, now in its fourth month.

   "My only agenda is to make sure we continue the long tradition of excellence and collaboration this district has been known for for decades.
    I have acted in good faith to do what is best for the kids, the staff and our district as a whole.  I intend to continue to do so."  -- HCS Board VP Jessica Anderson

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