Cancer in Shelby County

New 2021 report estimates new cancers, those living with cancer and cancer deaths

By Bob Bjoin, Editor
    COUNTY – An estimated 30 people could die and 85 new, invasive cancers could be diagnosed among Shelby County residents this year, according to a new report released recently by The University of Iowa College of Public Health.
    Cancer in Iowa 2021 is an annual project produced by the Iowa Cancer Registry, in coordination with the State Health Registry of Iowa, that provides information about the projected top 10 cancers for males and females in Iowa, as well as estimated numbers of new cancer diagnoses, the numbers of Iowans living with cancer and the number of cancer deaths statewide and by county.
    It features in-depth information on selected types of cancer, and contains a description of current or recent research projects and publications based on Iowa Cancer Registry data.
    The report compiles high-quality data to help with the effort to reduce the burden of cancer.  Because of the critical need for data, cancer is a reportable disease in all 50 states, and in Iowa, cancer data is collected for review.
    “Two in five Iowans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.  Cancer is a major burden in Iowa and throughout the U.S.  Reducing the nation’s cancer burden requires the cooperation of many people, including providers, patients, researchers, public health professionals, policy makers and advocates…,” the report said.
    Report Co-Authors Mary Charlton and Suzanne Bentler said the report is important because it provides cancer statistics that can be used to help reduce the burden of cancer among Iowans.  
    “In addition, each year the Cancer in Iowa report provides more detailed information on a special topic,” they said.  “This year the focus was on cancer health disparities and the report documented higher cancer mortality rates among the Black population in Iowa. This serves as a first step of increasing awareness to this issue to begin the work necessary to eliminate these disparities.”

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