Superintendent’s total leave raises questions

Was Wagner paid for more than required by the district for military leave? Should he have asked to be paid $3,488 for un-used vacation time?
The board always has access, upon request, to the number of days I am gone in any given school year and for what reason. -- HCS Supt. Justin Wagner

Harlan Community Schools Superintendent Justin Wagner’s latest attempt to provide requested information about his daily attendance and school leave this past contract year is inconsistent with what he has provided before, shows some discrepancies, and is in conflict with what sources have provided to the Harlan Newspapers.
    The central question being asked by the community is whether or not Wagner was paid more than required by the district for his military leave during the 2017-18 contract year and previous years.  The second question is if Wagner has requested a $3,488 payment for un-used vacation time if he wasn’t entitled to receive it, based on total days gone and why in ‘17-’18 (he can request to be paid up to 15 days of un-used vacation time per his contract).
    Harlan Newspapers sources who have attempted to track Wagner’s leave during the ‘17-’18 contract year counted him out of the district 62+ days, not including additional days he may have been gone for such things as closing his office on Fridays in the summer, single monthly military duty days, personal or professional meetings or other. (see graphic)
    Sources tracked numerous days where Wagner was out of the district when he said he was here.  
    Wagner has yet to provide his full attendance record/calendar to date as requested, which shows all the days he was out of the district and for what reason during the 2017-18 school year.  What he has presented only includes his calculated military, vacation and sick days, albeit inconsistent.

Wagner’s numbers
    Wagner’s contract requires 260 service days but allows for 25 vacation days and Iowa law requires the district to pay his salary for up to 30 calendar days (not school days) of military leave.
    An initial appeal from the newspaper for documentation had Wagner provide the following leave information in total for July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018:  30 days of military leave, 15 vacation days used for military leave, four days and 5.5 hours of vacation days, and one day and 3.5 hours of sick time -- for a total of 50 days and 9 hours.
    Early last week Wagner provided new information that contradicts what he provided previously in both number of days gone and why.  New numbers show 53 days and 3.5 hours total leave from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018, which included 30 days for military leave, 22 vacation days and 1 ½ days of sick leave.

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