Supervisors approve job description for permanent EMS coordinator

SHELBY COUNTY — The Shelby County Board of Supervisors reviewed  and approved the job description for the hiring of a permanent Emergency Medical Services (EMS) coordinator.
Board members thanked members of the EMS Advisory Council. “The Council put a lot of thought into it,” said Board member Bryce Schaben. The hiring process will begin at the start of the next fiscal year in July.
In other business, Shelby County Recorder Geralyn Greer presented the quarterly report, which showed revenues are up. Greer said her office has been busy with license renewals for recreational vehicles.
County Attorney Marcus Gross and the Board discussed the sale of The Shelby County Annex. Three renters are occupying some of the space in the Annex, and the leases for two of the renters, Southwest Iowa Mental Health and the Juvenile Court, will be assigned to the new owner. The lease for the final renter, Heartland Family Services, currently states the lease is terminated upon sale. Gross will discuss the lease with representatives from Heartland Family Services and possibly amend it prior to the sale. The Board voted to place a deadline of 4:30 p.m. June 3 for submittal of bids. The minimum opening bid will be the appraised value of $265,000. Each bid shall include a 10% down payment. A public notice will be finalized and published containing all necessary information.
 During the Supervisor’s Committee Reports, Schaben stated a water line broke at the Manteno Park shower facility. He said because of the age of the facilities, many repairs will be needed this spring.
Steve Kenkel reported the EMS budget for the upcoming fiscal year is being adjusted. The total dollars are not being changed from the original proposed budget. However, line items are being modified to reflect expected expenses and revenues.
Upon suggestion of County Engineer Chris Fredericksen, the board approved utilities permits for both Marne Elk Horn and Zayo Group. Fredericksen also reported the paving on County Road F24 is progressing nicely and the paving has reached the bridge west of Irwin. He thanked the public for their cooperation during this project.
 Due to the need to re-post a budget amendment for Fiscal Year 2024, the Board passed a Resolution setting a hearing date of May 21, 2024 at 9 a.m. The proposed expenditures are attributed to jail incarcerations and costs which are up sharply, property insurance increases, secondary roads construction projects, and water well grant expenditures. Sheriff Neil Gross has requested the expenditure of Reserve Capital Fund money and a $15,000 increase in spending for salaries. County Auditor Mark Maxwell noted there is also over $80,000 in unexpected income for Shelby County from numerous sources.



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