Welcome to Abu Dhabi

Harlan Alumnus Brady Greer and his wife, Presleigh, traveling the world, teaching, learning about different cultures

    ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – Harlan native Brady Greer is living quite the adventure overseas this year as the newly-married HCHS alumnus and his wife, Presleigh, have moved to Abu Dhabi, a capital in the United Arab Emirates.
    The pair has decided to experience life abroad, and come this August will head to Bangladesh where they plan to stay for another two years.
    “The biggest reason to move was to see the world,” said Greer, the son of Randy and Geralyn Greer of Harlan.  “Presleigh teaching abroad created the opportunity to broaden our horizons and experience other cultures.
    “The UAE is a great location to go see other places.  We took a trip to the neighboring country of Oman, and have planned trips to Barcelona, Israel, and Jerusalum.”

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