Hall commits to playing football for Iowa

“It felt really good to commit to Iowa because it was my dream school and I’ve always wanted to play for them.” -Aidan Hall, HCHS Senior Football Player

Sometimes dreams do come true. Senior Aidan Hall’s dream came true when he was offered a scholarship to play football for Iowa College, the school he’s always rooted for.

“Playing for Iowa really means the world to me,” Hall said. “It felt really good to commit to Iowa because it was my dream school and I’ve always wanted to play for them.”

Hall’s passion for football started when he was just a kid as he had role models that inspired him along the way.

“I am not too sure exactly of when I started playing football, but what drew me to it was probably just watching my older brothers,” he said.

Hall didn’t hesitate in his decision in picking Iowa, despite multiple colleges across the country throwing offers at him.

“When they offered, I knew that I was going to commit,” he said. “South Dakota State was my very first offer. They kind of kick started the whole thing and I ended up with 11 total offers. I am extremely fortunate that each one of these schools offered me and I am super appreciative of them.”

Hall gives credit to Coach Todd Bladt for believing in him and helping him out along the way. He also credited his family for the support they’ve given him throughout the years.

“He is an excellent coach and I have gotten to know him closer over the past year or so,” he added. “Besides helping me develop on the field, he has helped me with my recruitment as well. My mom is Michele Hall, my dad is Alan Hall, I also have two older brothers, Derek and Luke, and an older sister, Ashley. They are all supportive of me and extremely happy of my decision to commit to Iowa.”

As a junior, Hall totaled 29.5 tackles with three interceptions while playing defense during the 2021-2022 season for the Cyclones.

Even though his high school days are not quite behind him just yet, Hall is committed to getting back on the field and having another stellar year for this team that could lead to big things.

“Winning another state title is what I am looking forward to the most,” Hall said. “It isn't going to be easy by any means, but the team and I are going to give it our very best. Hopefully we can make that happen.”



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